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          Welcome to the Periodyssey WANT LISTS page. This page contains two forms: one for you to fill out detailing your wants, and another for you to fill out offering items for sale. You’ll also find a copy of our want list below. So, if you’re looking to buy or sell American magazines, you’re in the right place.


          If you want to buy specific magazines, please fill out a want list form with the title(s) and exact date(s) you’re seeking. Note that we cannot search our stock for general requests, such as all Coke ads. Also, note that we do not sell pages removed from magazines or incomplete issues. If you buy a magazine from us that turns out to be missing a page, we will promptly refund your money.
          If we have any of the material you are looking for, we’ll send you a quote within 48 hours, Monday through Friday. If we don’t have any of the items you’re seeking in stock, we suggest you try back with us every 2 to 3 months to see if we’ve gotten in any new material. To send us your wants, click on the
To Buy Magazines button, fill out the form and click SUBMIT. If you already have a want list, you can e-mail it as an attachment to, fax it to us at 413/527-1930, or mail us a copy at:

116 Pleasant St.
Suite #020
Easthampton, MA 01027

          If you are looking to sell magazines, please check out our want list below. We pay generously for single issues of valuable magazines. We also like to purchase large quantities of a wide range of pre-1920’s magazines that are illustrated or have literary content. As a rule, we do not purchase one or two issues at a time of common magazines.
          To send us your list of magazines for sale, click on the
To Sell Magazines button, fill out the form and click SUBMIT. If you already have have a list of magazines for sale, you can e-mail it as an attachment to, fax us at 413/527-1930, or mail us a copy at:

116 Pleasant St.
Suite #020
Easthampton, MA 01027
          This is not an exhaustive want list, but these are our priority titles. We would like to hear from you if you have any general interest illustrated American magazines published before 1925 in very good or better condition and in quantity. We are also interested in ANY American humor magazine (bound or loose) published before 1900. All magazines listed here were published in New York unless noted.
Bound volumes only:
Gleason’s Pictorial (Boston) (1851-1854)
The Carpetbag (Boston) (1852-1853)
Ballou’s Pictorial (Boston (1855-1859)
Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper (1855-1890)
Harper’s Weekly (especially 1861-1875)
Fun (London) (1862-1870 only)
Appleton’s Journal (1869-1870 only)
Every Saturday (1870-1871 only)
Chicago Graphic (1886-1894)
America (Chicago) (1888-1891)
Individual issues only:
Sartain’s Union Magazine (Phila) (especially 1848 and 1852 )
Putnam’s Magazine (1852-1857 only)
Atlantic Monthly (Boston) (1857-1880 only)
Galaxy (1870-71 only)
Cosmopolitan (1886-1925 only)
McClures (1894-1920 only)
Smart Set (1900-1930)
Fortune (1930-1940 only)
Esquire (Chicago) (1933-1945 only)
Bound volumes or individual issues:
Any 18th century American magazine
Portfolio (especially 1801-1811)
Analectic (especially Vol 4 [1814] and
          NS Vols 1&2 [1820])
American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining
          Knowledge (Boston) (Vol. 2 [1836] only)
Atchison’s Casket (Philadelphia) (1826-1840)
Southern Lit. Messenger (Richmond) (1834-1864)
Burton’s/Gentleman’s (Philadelphia) (1837-1840)
Democratic Review (1837-1845 only)
The Dial (Boston) (1840-1844)
Graham’s magazine (Philadelphia) (1840-1849 only)
American Review (1845 only)
Yankee Doodle (1846-47)
The John-Donkey (NY) (1848)
The Lantern (NY) (1852-1853)
Frank Leslie’s Budget of Fun (NY) (1858-1877)
The Jolly Joker (NY) (1858-1877)
Saturday Press (1858-1860, 1865-1866)
New York Illustrated News (1859-1864)
Phunny Phellow (NY) (1859-1876)
Old Guard (1860-1870)
The Comic Monthly (NY) (1862-1876)
The Continental Monthly (1862-1864)
Southern Illustrated News (1862-1865)
Land We Love (Charleston, SC) (1866-1869)
Harper’s Bazar (1867-1930 only)
The Wasp (San Francisco) (1876-1893 only)
Puck (1877-1918)
West Shore Magazine (1879-1893)
Judge (1881-1948)
Northwest Illustrated Magazine (1883-1903)
Life (1883-1936)
Truth (NY) (1886-1905)
Vogue (1892-1930 only)
The Great Divide (Denver/Chicago) (1892-1896 only)
The Chap-Book (Chicago) (1894-1898)
Echo (Chicago) (1895-1897)
Bradley His Book (Springfield, MA) (1896-1897)
The Criterion (1897-1905)
The Verdict (NY) (1898-1900)
Ladies’ Home Journal (especially 1900-1920)
Saturday Evening Post (1900-1925 only)
Woman’s Home Companion (1895-1920 only)
CameraWork (1903-1917)
Delineator (1910-1930 only)
Pictorial Review (1910-1920 only)
Metropolitan (1896-1924)
Bohemian (1906-1910)
Cartoons Magazine (Chicago) (1912-1922)
Vanity Fair (1913-1936)
The Masses (1911-1917)
Poetry (Chicago) (1912-1919 only)
Little Review (1914-1922)
Seven Arts (1916-1917)
Dial (1920-1929 only)
Playboy (1919-1924 only)
Shadowland (1919-1923)
Double Dealer (New Orleans) (1920-1925)
Broom (1921-1924)
Fugitive (Nashville) (1922-1925)
Opportunity (1923-1949)
Asia (1924-1935)
The Dance (1925-1935)
Hound and Horn (1927-1934)
The New Masses (1927-1928 only)
Abbott’s Monthly (1929-1933)
Apparel Arts (Chicago) (1931-1945 only)
Ebony (1945-1960)
Our World (1946-1960)

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